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African Type Huller

Brand : Newtech

Price Range :

Capacity : 8 kg - 1 Ton / Hour

Power Range : 25 HP


  • African Type Huller is also known as Engelberg huller. This machine is used for hulling of cherry coffee beans and peeling and polishing of parchment coffee beans. Newtech Industries Mangalore is a well-known manufacturer, exporter, service provider and supplier of this machine.

Working System

  • African Type Huller machine has a cylindrical drum with ribs which rotated at set speed. The drum is enclosed inside a casing bottom of the casing there is a perforated screen and the discharge point is connected to the blower
  • Power on the machine. check if the huller drum and blower machine is rotating in proper direction, feed the coffee into hopper and adjust the feeding Gate to control the flow rate of coffee beans as the coffee passes through the rotating drum coffee will be hulled and polished,
  • On the opposite side there is discharge hopper which is connected to blower as the coffee is discharged the blower pulls most of the husk and gives clean Coffee Bean

Key Features

  • Machine can be used both for hulling and polishing.
  • Easy to adjust the blade.
  • Easy Door opening to clean and clear blockages.
  • Powerful blower for best cleaning of husk.
  • Heavy structure long life drum and blade.

Available Variants

AH 100 50 HP 800 - 1000 340
AH 50 25 HP 400 - 500 400
AH 25 15 HP 200 - 250 450
AH 10 5 HP 80 - 100 550
AH 5 1.5 HP 20 - 50 250
AH 1 MANUAL 8 - 10 NA