Cashew Nut

We undertake complete turnkey projects for setting up of cashew nut processing plant.

Our machine ranges for processing of cashew nuts are.
1.    Grading machine: We are manufacture of different type of graders as per customer requirement. We manufacture and supply rotary grader and deck graders for raw cashew nuts and shelled cashew nuts.
2.    Steaming machine: Post shelling the cashew nuts is steamed with high pressure for softening of shells. Due to steaming the cashew nuts can be easily separated from the outer shell.
3.    Shelling:
    a.    Sheller- Hand or leg operated. : We have supplied many leg operated and hand operated shelling or cutting machine.
    b.    Automatic Sheller: We have recently developed a new automatic shelling machine.
Some of the key features are.

  1. User friendly and easily operated.
  2. Less breakage or damage of cashew nuts.
  3. Quick and easy replacement of blade.
  4. Low maintenance.
  5. Long life.
4.    Dryer: Once the cashew is separated from the shell it has to be dried at low temperature for several hours. So the skin becomes soft and ensures easy peeling with less breakage.
5.    Peeling machine : Soon after drying the cashew nuts are feed into the peeling machine. Here the skin or testa is removed by pneumatically operation.
6.    Husk and bits separator: While manual or automatic peeling the cashew nuts are damaged. The reject husk will be mixed with small bits. Separation of this can be done in husk and bits separator. A vibrating deck with screen is bowled by air from bottom. Due to the inclination and weight difference between husk and bits it can be separated effectively.
7.    Packing machine: We also manufacture semi automatic packing machine for packing range from 50 grams to 1 kilo packet. For more details click ”packing machine”
8.    Accessories: We can also provide cutting table, peeling table, grading table, inspection table, and dust cleaner and lots more for processing of cashew nuts. We can execute complete turnkey projects on cashew nut processing.