Scraping & Drying

We can also supply Pin mill and Vibro Fluidized Bed Dryer as per the requirement for processing of desiccated coconut.

  1. Pin mill : A high speed rotating rotor fixed with multiple pins. The coconut pieces are feed into the pin mill machine. Due to high speed rotation of pins it continuously hits the coconut pieces and fine grinded coconut powder is forced to come out of desired size screen fitted at bottom of Outer drum.
  2. Pin mill can be used for fine grinding or course grinding by replacement of the screen.

  1. Rotary Dryer
  2. Box Dryer
  3. Vibro Fluid Bed Dryer

Rotary Dryer


ENROOT make Rotary Dryer is a batch type drying system used for drying of coffee (cheery or parchment), pepper and other grains and seeds.


  1. Uniform drying of products.
  2. Low maintenance, long life.
  3. Easy and quick loading and unloading.
  4. Fuel option of coffee husk, firewood, burners-LPG or diesel.
  5. Easy control of air volume & direction of air.
  6. Auto temperature cut-out with burner fuel system.
  7. Easy adjustment of air volume and quantity
  8. Quality and sturdy construction
  9. Easy to operate and maintain.
RD-1.5 1 hp 1.5 hp 250 to 500 kgs
RD-2.5 2hp 3 hp 0.75 to 1 ton

Box Dryer

This consists of a fully insulated box where the hot air is circulated inside the box. The products are placed inside the rack of trays. The fans ensures the hot air is evenly circulated and thus ensures even and complete drying of products.

This is mainly used for drying of cashew nuts, papad , silk worms, fish products etc.


  1. Easy maintenance
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Easy and quick removal of trays
  4. Low cost
  5. Can be operated with electric heater of boiler, or fire wood.
  6. Minimum electric or fire wood consumption.

Vibro Fluid Bed Dryer

  1. Dryer: A vibrating deck fitted with screen. The wet grinded coconut floats above the screen and hot air generated from the heat exchange with blow from the bottom of the screen. By controlling the temperature and air pressure we can produce uniformly dried Desiccated coconuts.
  2. These type of dryer are used in drying of powders, fine particles, coconut powder, masala powders, tea powders etc.