Dryer and Roaster
  1. Roaster
  2. Box dryer
  3. Split Peeling Machine
  4. Chikki Jaggery Mixer


A rotating drum directly exposed to fire on bottom of the drum. It has a automatic sand separator and reefed into the machine continuously. Enroot make roasting machine are used in roasting of ground nuts, fried gram etc.


  1. Uniform roasting.
  2. Automatically separation and re-feeding of sand
  3. Geared motor drive system
  4. Closed box which ensures less firewood requirement.
  5. Easy control of oxygen for burning.

Box Dryer

This consists of a fully insulated box where the hot air is circulated inside the box. The products are placed inside the rack of trays. The fans ensures the hot air is evenly circulated and thus ensures even and complete drying of products.

This is mainly used for drying of cashew nuts, papad , silk worms, fish products etc.


  1. Easy maintenance
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Easy and quick removal of trays
  4. Low cost
  5. Can be operated with electric heater of boiler, or fire wood.
  6. Minimum electric or fire wood consumption.

Split Peeling Machine

The roaster ground nuts are feed into the machine the rotating drum presses the groundnut towards the screen. And groundnut are split and skin is separated. The blower blows and separates the groundnut and skin.


  1. Easy replacement of screen.
  2. High efficiency blower.
  3. Less noise.
  4. Less breakage and ensures complete peeling of all groundnuts.
  5. Available with SS-304 material.

Chikki Jaggery Mixer

We are manufacturer and supplier of gas burned Khova machine. This has a rotating drum where gas burner is fitted on bottom of the drum. By adjusting of rotation speed and bruning efficiency one can use this machine in making khova , mixing of groundnut and jegerry paste, processing of chikki etc.
Once the process is completed the drum can be tilted for easy discharge of product.


  1. Low maintenance
  2. Easy adjustment of drum rotation speed
  3. Easy gas fuel flow control
  4. Easy to handle and rotate for unloading of products
  5. All contact made of heavy gauge SS-304.
  6. Direct reputed make geared motor drive.