Weighing and Packing


Semiautomatic Weighing Machine

A vibrating feeder where the products are feed into the weighing hopper. A load cell continuously weighs the product and once the pre set weight is achieved the machine automatically closed the gate. Next one has to hold the packet at the discharge outlet and press the foot operated switch to discharge the product. After the release of weighed product the machine restarts the process.

One can continuously pack 5 to 6 packets per minute as per his efficiency.

Required compressed air for the operation of semi automatic packing machine.


  1. Low maintenance by use of pneumatic system.
  2. Accuracy achieved from 1 to 2 grams for every 1kgs packets.
  3. 5 to 6 packets per minute.
  4. All contact parts of SS-304.
  5. Viewing glass to ensure smooth running of machine.
  6. Can be attached with continuously band sealer.


Weighing & bagging machines are extensively used in various industries like spices, coffee, cattle feed, tea, fertilizer, grains, rice, groundnut, etc. We make both the net weight bagging machine which is called the pre-weigh & dump machine and also the direct bagging machine. For the higher capacities we have the jumbo bagging machine. These machines are fully electronic and the sensing of weight is by high precision load cells which are manufactured in house. The high speed electronics is totally designed by us and has features like dynamic in flight correction, coarse, fine and dribble feed ,etc.

The feed of material from the storage hopper is controlled either by gates, vibrofeeders or conveyors depending on the material being handled. Bagging speeds of upto to 6 bags per minute is achieved for 50 kg on a single head. These machines are integrated with a slat conveyor to carry the bag after filling and a stitching/ sealing machine to complete the process.

Weigh Bridge

We also supply different type of weigh bridge. Various size, length , width and tonnage is available on request.

We supply pitless or with pit weigh bridge. There are unlimited features with weigh bridge. Please contact us for more information.


  1. High accuracy.
  2. Pit type or pit less construction.
  3. Long line construction.
  4. Digital display
  5. Printable interface.