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Coconut Pre Cutter

Brand : Newtech

Price Range : 1,00,000 - 3,00,000

Capacity : 100 Kg - 1000 Kg / Hour

Power Range : 1 HP - 5 HP


  • Newtech make Pre-Cutter is designed and manufactured to cut the coconut into small pieces without wastage or damage of coconuts. Machine can be set up to cut the coconut into different sizes as per requirement.
  • We have developed 2 types of Precutter
  • Fine Pre-Cutter: This is used to cut the coconut ball or piece in to small pieces ranging from size 1/2"to3".After cutting the pieces is directly feed to Pre Cutter. Different size range are:4"to1",1/2"to2",1/2"to3".
  • Smooth Pre-Cutter: This is used to cut whole coconut ball into 2 to 3pieces.Size may vary from 2"to3". After cutting the pieces can be inspected, sorted then washed and feed to fine cutter or pin mill as requested.

Key Features

  • Manufactured with food grade SS 304 material.
  • Easy to clean and operate.
  • No blockage & can be used continuously.
  • Lifelong SS blades for cutting.
  • Dewatering & water collection pipe available.
  • No loosing or blades while running We are offering.

Available Variants

  • Can be designed as per process requirement and data provided.