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Inclined Belt Conveyor

Brand : Newtech

Price Range :

Capacity :

Power Range :


  • This is used for inclined transporting of small size bulk and powder materials like seeds, coffee beans, grains, powders etc. These machines are used for easy movement of material from one place to another place. The product received will be feed over the belt which shall transport the item from one place to another.
  • These machines are mainly used to collect and feed to another machine to ensure continue process. They can be in trough shape or flat shape also.

Key Features

  • Available from 100 mm to 1000 mm belt width.
  • Available from 500 kg per hour to 10 ton per hour capacity.
  • Easy tensioning of belt
  • Crowded inner flat pulley as standard for self alignment.
  • Geared motor drive with sprocket system available as standard.
  • Food grade belt as standard
  • In feed hopper available on request.
  • Belt cleaning scraper available if required.

Available Variants

  • Can be designed as per process requirement and data provided.