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Pneumatic conveyor

Brand : Newtech

Price Range :

Capacity : 15 Feet - 150 Feet

Power Range : 1 HP - 25 HP


  • Pneumatic conveyor is used for conveying of bulk products like coffee rice grains chilies spices except from one place to another within the unit

Working System

  • Machine consists of a high-pressure blower outlet is connected to receiving chamber this receiving chamber is fitted with Rotary air valve and feeding Hooper. When the product is fed into the hopper it passes through Rotary air valve and it controls the feed rate and feeds into the receiving chamber consistently as the products is Feed into receiving chamber High pressure air makes the product move inside the pipe and reaches its discharge location the at the end of the discharge place, we can use the controller chamber like cyclone and collect the products

Key Features

  • Available from 1 HP to 25 HP.
  • Distance of discharge 15 feet to 150 feet
  • with the attachment of wheel can be easily moved.
  • No blockage
  • suction blower attachment also available

Available Variants

  • Can be designed as per process requirement and data provided.