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Suction blower

Brand : Newtech

Price Range :

Capacity : 15 Feet - 150 Feet

Power Range : 1 HP - 25 HP


  • Suction blower is used to collect the products from one place and convey to another place at a distance. We can use this to collect products from drying Yard to storage section.
  • To collect the spillages while processing. for rotating or mixing of the products in drying yard. to collect dust from machines and process area.

Working System

  • Machine as a three sections blower collection section and discharge section. Blower , collection suction and discharge section are interconnected to each other the products is collected from collection pipe and send to cyclone from cyclone it is a uniformly feed through Rotary air valve to receiving chamber and converted to another place through pipes.

Key Features

  • Available from 1 HP to 25 HP.
  • Distance of discharge 15 feet to 150 feet
  • with the attachment of wheel can be easily moved.
  • No blockage
  • suction blower attachment also available

Available Variants

  • Can be designed as per process requirement and data provided.